Moviestarplanet hack Starcoins And Diamonds

Moviestar Planet: A World Beyond Imagination and How to Get Access to It

MovieStar Planet: What is it?

If you have ever dreamed of being a movie star, then Moviestar Planet is the game for you. Fame, adoration, and money – you have all of it at your fingertips when you play this game. Make your dreams a reality by playing Moviestar Planet.

Specially created for the teens, this video game can be enjoyed on multiple forums like the desktop computer and also iOS and Android devices. It helps you connect with your friends and gain resources to progress in the game.

This is the basic goal of the Moviestar Planet game. However, to achieve it, you will have to spend multiple hours playing the game, which is not something that all of us can afford, considering our busy schedules.

Thus, to both play and advance in this game, you have to end up resorting to other tricks and hacks. These cheats help you go up levels without you having to spend a lot of time.


Moviestar Planet is the game that all the youngsters are going gaga over. However, it can be tough to keep up due to its growing popularity. Thus, we bring you the Moviestartplanet hack. Before delving into the different kinds of MSP cheats, though, we must know more about the hottest game on the block.

For starters, we will talk about the main currency employed in this video game: Star Coins. Ten coins are given to each player after they have viewed a movie. Though the maker of the film will have more coins, the exact currency will vary according to the level.

This means that the more number of levels they achieve, the more amount of money they will obtain. Caressing a pet or Boonie will aid you to obtain more Star Coins.

Usually, you earn up to five coins but this, again, varies as it is contingent on the disposition of the pet. Upon winning a contest, though, a gamer will not only get Star Coins – he or she will also obtain a VIP status and diamonds. A valuable MSP hack to earn more such Star Coins is to spin the Wheel of Fortune and offering and to obtain greetings.

Diamonds (also known as gems) are used to buy clothes, animations and other lucrative products. You can get access to these diamonds only through contests and the purchase of VIP status.

VIP status is something that is crucial to the game as these VIP packages help you enjoy Moviestar Planet to the fullest since it unlocks all the features that were not previously available to you.

There are a lot of gaming options that are unavailable in the free version of Moviestar Planet. To be able to get these offers continuously, you will have to pay the membership fee on a monthly basis.

This is why MSP cheats are a boon from the gaming gods above. You may be worrying about hazards but be rest assured. These MSP cheats do not have any kind of virus or malware.



Moviestarplanet hack is uncomplicated and provides with all that you could need. You don’t need to pay a penny: with the help of MSP hack, you can make smooth and easy progress in the game.

There is no need to make any purchase of VIP packages or anything like that; quick advances can be made with the help of moviestarplanet hack.

You can use MSP hack to go up levels and experience Moviestar Planet like never before. You can buy items of your choice, make movies and create resources in no more than a couple of seconds. The best part is that these MSP cheats are themselves free of cost as well.

Moviestarplanet Hack : Does it Work?

  1. The MSP hack has been created by experts who have found a way to get through the firewall and system of security of the Moviestar Planet.
  2. As this is a game that is dependent on online servers, the Moviestarplanet hack infiltrates these servers to allow users to get whatever they want as quickly as possible – be it VIP status, gems and/or Star Coins.
  3. All you need is a platform for connection and your username. Then, just be patient for a couple of seconds to get all the gaming goodies you want.

Go game your way to the top with these hacks and cheats!